• Why Turkey?

    The average energy received in Europe, measured in Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), is about 1,200 kWh/m²/year. This amount compares with 1,600 - 2,000 kWh/m²/y at 38.5N and lower lattitudes in Turkey.

    Even at a moderate location where 1,600 kWh/m²/year could be produced @ $0.133 per kWh guaranteed base FiT rate for 10 years, IRR will be at least 13%. If local equipment is used, local content premium up to $ 0,067 per kWh could increase IRR up to 18%.

    Besides... Energy demand is expected to double over the next 10 years in Turkey, 4th sharpest increase next to China, India and Brazil. IEA (International Energy Agency) predicts Turkey to see fastest growth in energy demand.

    Turkey is a net importer of electricity with around 3 million kWh and is spending half of its export income to pay for its energy bill. 

    Given these facts, Turkey is one of the most attractive PV (photovoltaic) markets, especially promising in a declining overall European market.

    600 MW of utility-size licensed projects of over 1 MW is approved in June 2013 to be built by 2015-2016. However only 54MW of solar energy plants are active as yet. This compares with 36 GW of active capacity in Germany and 17 GW in Italy.

    In short... If you are in solar energy business, you shouldn't miss today's opportunity in Turkey.



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