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    SolarBiz Group

    SolarBiz® Group was founded in 2013 to build unlicensed PV power plants in Turkey.  Founding partners are entrepreneurs with extensive experience and connections in the local and global markets.

    Close contacts with local municipalities, state offices, and electric distribution companies has enabled SolarBiz® to locate and purchase suitable land slots for various projects, which actually is the most difficult part of unlicensed PV projects in Turkey, due to limited transformer/grid connection availability for the time being.

    As a new and high potential market for PV power plants, the real value for these projects in Turkey is having the right location qualified to obtain over 20 different permits from over 20 different state offices and also have available capacity to connect to grid through the nearest transformers.

    Therefore, the main strategy of SolarBiz® has been to capture as much available land as possible and also to explore the possibilities of acquiring permit ready projects.

    Currently, there are nine solar energy companies in the group, at various stages of development of 56 MW projects, in three districts.

    There also are several permit-ready projects under negotiation to acquire, in various other high irradiation (+1,600,000 kWh/year) districts of Turkey.

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